How to Decorate.
Basic Color Coordination

Use Reddish color often makes blighter, spectacular scenes, and using more bluish color will give you healing comfort.
Decor Red Image Decor Blue Image

Basic Decoration
  Basic Natural Paper, Artistic Paper uses by Spread, Roll, Wrap, Stick, Frame

    It is the most popular use of decoration. It's quick and easy!
    Spreading under vase, correctives, or any decorative to match or contrast, this also protect your table or furniture against scratching.
Using as Place mats Using under center piece or liners
How to Decor Spred How to Decor Spred

How to Decorate Roll Rolling it will give paper three-dimensional appeals,

Wrapping ordinary things such as vase or flowerpots give them a whole new look!! You can also use it to cover your lampshade or lampshade slipcover.
How to Decorate Wrap.

Sticking it on the wall or windows will make a great accent in your space. Using it as a window shade can ease direct sunlight from the window.
How to Decorate Stick.

You can make an instant framed art by framing it.
How to Decorate Frame.

  Arranging these basic techniques of decorations, you can create your own.

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