Decorative Idea for Home Use.
Easy everyday uses for everyone! Natural Paper is also superior in its gentle touch.

Lamp Shade
This is how you can make your regular lampshade into unique one.
Just wrap Natural Paper on to your lampshade and tape it.
Harmony of warm light and colors will make people comfortable.

Home Decor with Framed Picture
Framed Picture
Framing Natural Paper will make like beautiful pictorial art.
This way, you can easily change theme of your room with its high quality and gorgeous colors.
Home Decor with Lamp Shade

Home Decor with Guest Feel Welcom. Gust Feel Welcom
This is an example of residential decoration to make guests feel welcomed.
It is very effective to try decorating three dimensionally with Natural Paper.
Stocking several different papers at home will easily deal with your last minute guests.

  Lunch Table Display
Home Decor with Lunch Table Display.
  This is an example of decoration under natural sunlight during daytime.
  Here using a couple of different Natural papers to make place mats.
  You can treat your guests with casual decoration.

Book Covers
Using Natural Paper as book covers to decorate your personal space.
You can arrange it anytime for a change.
Home Decor with Book Cover.

  Table Decor
Home Decor with Table Decor.
  By putting Decor paper over Natural Paper,
  you can create place mats for special occasions.

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